Monday, October 5, 2009

Minimart and Amanda's

Quick little post, just because I actually finished my homework before midnight and I'm a little keyed up, what with having all this stuff that needed to get done... and actually doing it all. Ever feel like that after finishing a lot of work?

Anyway, this past weekend was quite a fun one for me! Saturday I went to get a manicure with my friend Amanda, went to my boyfriend's hockey game, and then went back to Amanda's. She has the most amazing house ever, and I'm actually featuring some of my favorite stuff from there; HER BATHROOM!

her entire house is absolutely beautiful, nestled away off the beaten track of a very nice neighborhood near where I live.

The sink and entire piece of furniture... It looks like something out of a fairytale and is beautifully ornate.

Most amazing sink ever. Amanda was telling me about how she picked this sink out as a kid and she wanted it in her bathroom off her bedroom, but her mom put it downstairs and she cried. I cry now because I DONT HAVE THIS SINK AT ALL.

The inside of the sink reads the story of Sleeping Beauty. Do you get much cuter than that?

On another note, Sunday lead me to different adventures; a yearly streetfair in my town that seems to progressively suck more and more, lol. I noticed that many of the venders were selling big jewelry though, and here are a few of my favorites (apologies for crappy quality, I used my cell phone to take these):

This really caught my eye for a few reasons. First and foremost, its price tag; $75! To be honest, I could make one of these types of jewelry, or at least find a much cheaper one at a discount store or something. however, I loved the embellishments on this one, and I rather like that it's all black, no?

I was sort of being sketchy and taking these pictures when they vendor wasn't looking, so this is a pretty bad image. But these necklaces were both made completely out of wire and beads and I thought they looked really cool! I would have loved to purchase one but they're in the range of $40, and that's really not great for me since I have less than that in a year, lol. But I like the way that the one on the left looks the best. Perhaps because purple is one of my favorite colors?

I also got a cute corderoy pink miniskirt (picture in the weekly roundup to come!), a black pashmina, and a New Zealand necklace in the shape of a fish hook. I thought it was bloody cute and pretty cheap. you'll be seeing it soon.

Thanks a lot for your feedback on the roundup, guys! Don't forget to tell all your readers about my blog because my audience continues to change from post to post...


lisa + cathy said...

cute mirror and dresser in the first pic :D:D:D

Valeriesoh said...

hahhaha. I WANT THAT SINK!

let's steal it from her house.

you pry i carry?

emily said...

i would totally cry because my mom put that sink downstairs. it is epic.

Smelly Cat said...

aaaaaaaahh the sink. amazing. i have never seen anything like that.
ya, i'm pretty sure everyone enjoys doing the "facebook face"... it's what defines our generation ahahaha

Anonymous said...

WOW your friend's bathroom is amazing!! i wish i had this in my apt. and i like that black rhinestone necklace from the street fair, but agree- it could be DIY-ed for much less $$! ~joelle

Style Bird said...

What a bathroom!!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

oh my god! Your friend's bathroom is AMAZING. for sure. Haha, and I always see awesome stuff at stores and I'm like "I want to take a picture." But my sister stops me. Apparently I shouldn't do that.. Haha.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kelsey Kaysen said...

that skirt made me jizz my pants, it is epic! check out my blog if you have the chance

randi bergman said...

ohmigod that is the greatest sink ever i wish mine said something cuters too! thanks for visiting my blog and lets keep in touch!


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