Saturday, October 24, 2009

Renee Flemming Master Class

I'm so sorry this post didn't go up until today! I've been incredibly busy this week, going into the city, several exams, etc. It was pretty hectic for me! But I'll quickly post this, and the weekly roundup will probably go up Monday so that I can get time for some feedback on this post first.

Just outside Avery Fisher Hall, this is the Juliard School!

This was my first visit to Julliard, on tuesday after school. I jumped on the train with my friend's little brother, an acting protege who takes dance classes in the city, and we voyaged to Penn. I met my mom at the station so we could grab a bite to eat at Barnes and Noble (got a hot chocolate, hot sourdough pretzel with asiago cheese, and a marble cupcake) up on 65th and Amsterdam, and then I went across the street to see the class.

Renee towards the end of the class

The class is explained very briefly: "This special event is a benefit for Juilliard. The master class features performances by students from Juilliard's Vocal Arts Department and also marks the dedication of the School's Peter Jay Sharp Theater." Basically what happened was, four students from Julliard prepared an aria, and they went on stage one by one and sang for us. Then Renee critiqued them, and gave them tips on improving breath support, pitch modification, etc.

These are the notes I took; click the image or HERE to see them, straight from my Moleskine!

Here's a little snippet of Renee answering questions at the end of the class:

Oh, sidenote: I was in a theater of elderly people (the types that go to the Met every weekend for a new opera), college students, and myself. I ended up sitting next to a student from a school in New Hampshire, who lived in Europe for 5 years and is pursuing a singing career in New York!

Roundup coming monday!


Annie said...

i've always wondered what julliard looks like,
now i know.

love annie <3.

Anonymous said...

Way to tell me you saw RENNEE at a masterclass! She's all the ever talk about up at Crane because she went there. So jealous of you!