Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free People Obsession

Hey all (: It's tuesday night after my chorus rehearsal for the metropolitan area- It's from like 7-9:30 and absolutely exhausting. I haven't even thought about the looming AP Euro exam this week (potentially thursday, kill me now)! I'm absolutely desparate to go to NYU and every test counts... (lol, not really... right?)

Anyway, I was reading an article about organizing a closet or clothing space and I got some good ideas from it. Here's a picture of my tee-shirt drawer, currently organized by color instead of just mishmashed in there:

I like this way of organizing because it allows me to direct my eye to the color I want to wear, and because it consolidates and saves a lot of space. Doing this allowed me to use one of my other drawers for skirts!

The only downside right now is that you can't see every individual tee-shirt from the front- but, then again, is there a system (other than a virtual closet like Cher's from Clueless) where you can? And another thing is that since I have so many shirts, it's a little annoying trying to pull one out from the rest. But that's a quantity problem, not the organization.

My closet is also organized by color- to be honest, I prefer it organized in this way because it makes everything more easily accessible. Also, if you don't want it in rainbow order (ROY G BIV), you cvan just separate them by color and then put them in order from most to least accessibility. I tried organizing by type and then color this weekend, but it didn't work out because it was just not aesthetically pleasing, and because I knew I wouldn't keep up the system. BLEH.

Last word before signing off, I really need some sleep- later this week in the Weekly Roundup i'll have a look featuring a gorgeous new Free People lace top that i've been eyeing for ages:

I went shopping with my grandmother who I haven't seen since Christmas and I decided I wanted this top over anything else in the mall by her. She was suprised, but I'm very happy with it (: Definitely stay tooned to see how I wear it!! Also, if you get a chance, check out the FREE PEOPLE BLOG! I love Nylon Mag's and even Juicy Couture has a cool website, but Free People is the most... bloggish, of them all. The least business-like, I suppose. Free People obsession to be explained later this week!

This weekend: Nothing really special, I went to my grandmother's upstate for the day with my father. Sunday I just sort of lazed around and did nothing productive. Monday (a holiday in the US for you out-of-towners) I went to get a manicure/pedicure with my friend Daniella, and then we went back to her house... I'll defintely attempt a feature on her house soon! (:

What did you do this weekend?


annie said...

heeey there!
i really like the idea of the tees.
but, i can't do that with mine, cause i don't have that many tees.

Hmm, this weekend, i pretty much bummed around bahaha :D

love annie, xx

Valeriesoh said...

love the tees but how you going to get one out?

HiFashion said...

Your t-shirt draws looks really organised, maybe I should organise it by colour as well. Although, mine does start off organised but then I get lazy and a month after its organised, its a mess again!

Eva Internazionale said...

I was in London! :D

I love how you organized your shirts. Should try something like that myself too.

Style Bird said...

I am addicted to the Free People site and catalog!

Megan said...

Ingenious idea with the tees and I love love love that lace top, especially the neckline. Perfect :)

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

YOU HAVE SO MANY TEE SHIRTS. Envy. I actually organize my clothes by colour, too. But I use shelves. How amazing would it be to have virtual closet via Clueless?! Very. Good luck on your work! Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving! Yippee!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I love your comments so much; I feel like we're going to meet in NYC one day :)

christina-b said...

I love this. You have so many t-shirts, wow!

I used to do colour co-ordination but I hated seeing loads of blacks together in my wardrobe, lol. So I organise it by tees, skirts, trousers, jeans, etc. I find that much better!


Coco said...

I love having things in order of colour!