Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vivienne Tam Spring 2010 Coverage!

Hey guys! In case you didn't know (which you really should), It's NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! :D The most amazing week in the year for fashion and fun. Shopping is always a blast (Fashion's Night Out, anyone?), models and celebs are crawling the neighborhood, and bloggers from all over are flocking to get their seat at designer shows!

This year though, and HP Computers teamed up to produce the FIRST EVER LIVE INTERNET FEED BROADCAST OF A FASHION SHOW! And that show was broadcasted tonight at 8pm, with pre-show interviews and full coverage of the Vivienne Tam showing of her new 2010 line. Guess who tuned in to watch? ME! (:

Yuli Ziv, the host of the feed, interviewing Meg of

Wendy Lam ofNitrolicious- Describes the line with "Asian influence" and "East meets west."

Morgan from Running With Heels

Carmindy from What Not To Wear, who just finished her third book, Crazy Busy Beautiful

Jessica Stroup from 90210 wearing Vivienne Tam! I love this dress.

Now, onto some of my favorites from the show!:

I saw this model in SoHo last week by Topshop!!!

Beautiful watercolored silks, butterflies, tons of fringe, sequins and amazing colors! I love the collection and can't wait for it to come out. Which is your favorite picture?

Oh, and if anyone wants an invitation to, just comment with your email address and i'll send you one! (:


Marsey said...

Oh My God.. I just went to that show tonight at 8! It was amazing... I have some backstage pictures that I'll upload soon. Great post! huge fan of your blog!!

xoxo Marsey

linaa, said...

thank you pen pal best friend for finding my love for blogging again
i owe it all to you.

theTrendyDwarf said...

I envy you right about...not now. Those photos are marvelous! I love the shot with the lady wearing a pastel like yellow top and has short hair. Love it! I also love the last shot! I would've died to watch the live coverage of the fashion show but sadly I was at the mall! I envy you!
check out my trendy blog!

Lilee said...

omg great photos! love the vivienne tam!

Miss said...

I love Vivienne Tam, she does the most cutest dresses!
I love the dress Jessica is wearin' , actually I just love her!

Patty Ann said...

ooo i love vivenne tam! and that beigte top with the flower pattern piece laid on top is really beautiful!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Ooooh. Awesome post. I love it - the butterfly detailing is seriously awesome. Awesome post. That's all I have to say. Just awesome.

Winnie said...

NYFW looks amazing! I'm so envious of all the bloggers who get to go. LFW starts soon and I'm sad that I can't make that one either...especially when it's just a train ride away! Maybe next season!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for that lovely comment you left on my blog. I love that you took the time to say that you enjoy reading it because it makes writing the blog all the more worth it! Seriously, you made my day and put a big smile on my face! x

Valeriesoh said...

I love V tam... I want to marry in hers. omg... i wish I was there.

FabBlab said...

Wooo for VT! I die.

Anonymous said...

oohh these looks are all amazing- thank you for posting! i'm so bummed i'm not seeing this stuff in person ;) ~joelle

Clara said...

great pics.
i love the clothes.

beckyxoxo said...

oh wow i love those photos ! amazing!

Eva Internazionale said...

Thanks for these screencaps!

Nubia said...

looks like a great show, so lucky!!

emily said...

yes, totally amazing, i esp. love the eye makeup the models wore!