Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to smell good.

Bonjour friends! I'm so happy I've been getting so many comments and reads lately. If you'd like to trade links just let me know and I'll be happy to :)
Anyway, I did some shopping this week. i'll post more pictures as the week goes on (outfit post is coming and a few other things) as well as other stuff. Tomorrow I'm going to be hanging out with my friend Ava and a mutual friend Nicole, who I went to the city with last year. I haven't seen either of them in ages, and they're both the types of girls that would take tons of pictures and have a good time, bahah. So a definite outfit post by then!

Anyway, over the last week or so, I boughtttt:
1. A zipper-flower top (pictured below) from F21- I saw the zipper-flower thing on a necklace at Urban Outfitters a few months ago, and now they've appeared everywhere!
2. A pair of gold flats with the zipper-flower things on them from Madden Girl by Steve Madden, purchased at Annie Sez (See here)
3. Neon pink necklace with silver pendants from Free People(pictured below)
4. Grey lounging shirt from Victoria's Secret
5. A white sweater and black tank from the Gap- I NEED BASICS! And American Apparel is just too freakin expensive sometimes, you know?
6. Two products from the Victoria's Secret organic line, Pink Body- After reading the review from CollegeFashion.net, I decided to try this out. So far it makes me feel a lot cleaner and it's a pretty good moisturizing lotion, but it seems really similar to their other products.
7. This Snake Chain Necklace from F21
8. A white necklace with a ribbon, from Charlotte Russe
9.Eyeshadow by Urban Decay- Ecofriendly and awesome colors!
&other stuff.

Zipper-flower top from F21 and Free People necklace

Also, I was reading my personal bible, How To Walk In High Heels by Camilla Morton and one of the most important things that she explains in a woman's routine has to do with their personal scent, in the section about How To Get Dressed In 5 Minutes:
"Think of Patrick Suskind's novel Perfume the narrator of which is on a 'quest for the intangible scent of a woman.' Okay, so in this case it leads to murder, a little extreme, and not the effect you are after, but perfume is one of the few remaining (legal) sorceries we have left, so use it. Laywer a few squirts over the body before your clothes go on so that it can soak into your skin. It should be applied right after deoderant, masking any cheap synthetic scent that this may have left, and blending with soaps and scented body lotions to create your own unique odor."
That's just step one.
So obviously, perfume is very important.

My lotion shelf.

My perfume shelves and sections of life, bahah.

So obviously, I take my scent very seriously. But I mean, think about it- who likes anyone who smells bad!? First, I shower and use a yummy-smelling body wash, then wash with shampoo and delicious conditioner, then lotion up (different scent for torso&legs, chest&shoulders, and face), and spray one scent under my clothes, one over my deoderant, one over my clothes, and then one on my wrists and the usual spots. PHEW!

What do you do with your smell!?


Smelly Cat said...

i totally do the same thing with lotions.. one for every different part of the body. ahaha
obviously you've made some pretty great purchases :] every time I walk into AA, i want like a million things, but they are super expensive! so depressing..
then i convince myself to make the things at home since they're so basic, but never get around to it. aaha
can't wait to see the outfit posts :]

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

oh my god, I saw that zipper tank at F21 and I loved the detail. It looks amazing. Hope you have/ had fun with your friends, and for sure looking forward to outfit pictures. American Apparel can certainly be ridiculous. Like, seriously. It can't be worth THATTT much. Hail to the Gap! I feel ashamed because of my lack of interest in scents (I don't smell though! I just wish I had racks of pretty bottles.)...Must get started on that.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Haha. I know what you mean, my Mum hides her pearls (BTW - her name is Pearl. Hahah. Why do I find that funny?) from me :( I believe the message goes as this: our mothers don't trust us!

linaa, said...


god could you get anymore prettier?
I LOVE THAT FINDD, lotions are so coollll. god i wish i was as talented as you at finding good clothessss, :(
can we be like.. FRIENDSSS? <33333333333333333333333333333333333


WOW you could start your own store! Haha! So many parfumes! <3

& many thanks for your sweet comment! =] =] =]

Dani said...

haha i'm pretty standard. i will use philosophy body washes, though. and i love chanel perfumes! do you have a favorite perfume?


BlueKlein said...

whoahh!!thats a lot of permume but I guess that's the way to keep it all day!so i'm definitely trying that out!!

definitely following your blog!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Sam here, Nautical is a classic staple look. It never gets old for me =)

I feel like shopping after reading this post, so fun =-)


Stacy said...

love all your scents!
ive got a vanilla cake body wash and a satsuma (sweet orange) one, then i have my flowery shampoos and finally my perfumes haha!


linaa, said...

sorry darling i suffer from
i followed you too!!

Dani said...

thank you for the sweet comment, darling!


Patty Ann said...

wowow check out that collection of body sprays and perfumes you have!!! so many!!! which one is your favorite?????????????

for everyday, i'm a total marc jacobs girl (original fragrance) so yummy!! and for fancy events i wear juicy.

and you have to show us pics of the stuff you got! i want to get that f21 zipper top too, its so philip lim!


also, i want to exchange links!!! i've added you to my blogroll already!!! do you want me to write "the" in front of your blogname when i list it??

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Well I don't do quite as much with my scent but I have a grapefruit one for my face after I shower than a ralp lauren one after deodarent than a different one for my wrists. I am curious as to what step two and three are..?
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Andie said...

oh i love that zipper top! zippers are just le awesome, yeah?

woah you got yourself a whole bundle of scenties there dont ya? i dont really have a scent, when i was small i would buy lots of random ones, but now theyre rotting away somewhere...in my house...pity..


♥ fashion chalet said...

Oh in middle school/high school I was obsessed with collecting/shopping for lotion. I went everywhere for different scents, colors and bottle shapes. I still love lotions today! =)


Eva Internazionale said...

Wow, that zipper top is unlike anything I've seen before. Wonderful purchase.

Nubia said...

The zipper detail on that top is very cool,

Nice perfume collection, i usually smell like Moschino


emily said...

i love "how to walk in high heels"!! one of the best fashion books out there. :) i'm looking for some good perfumes, but usually i just use scented lotion.

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

me again! haha, your stuff's so well-organized. I'm trying to redecorate and I'm rather jealous of your organization skills. I will try to accomplish such a level.

Thanks so much for stopping by! YESSS - twins! Yeah, the uniforms are really strict. I pretty much always get in trouble for wearing jewelry :( I wish I had a nice uniform, like gossip girl! But I don't.