Thursday, September 24, 2009

FREE STUFF FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone (: I haven't posted in a while, due mainly to the fact that I was very sick this weekend and earlier this week. I went to school late on Wednesday for the first time all week in an effort to do something useful with my time. But instead, I send a quick post your way because I haven't bought much lately (am saving up for my trip to South America in February, and Christmas shopping...) but I just got two awesome free things!

First, yesterday I recieved some Dylan's Candy Bar lotion from LOCKERZ.COM! The site has NOT gone public yet, so if you would like an invitation to join the Lockerz community, just post a comment with your email address and I'll send one your way.

Now, at first I was a little skeptical of Lockerz- the main point of a website to give away free stuff? Seemed pretty sketchy... But, they followed through this week! When they refurbished their prizes last week, I grabbed some of the DCB lotion that smells like a chocolate cupcake and put that down for delivery- AND HERE IT IS!


Chocolate cupcake (:

A little Lockerz thank you notice for using the site!

Also, my girl Nubia from her blog NubiaNonsense sent me a little gift from her giveaway! Since everyone who participated got one, I was very excited to be part of the lucky group (: It's a cute little headband and I'll get used to how it sits on me soon- so expect an outfit post about its awesomeness again soon!

Cute little box it came in...

The headband, business cards and discount information

Blatant advertising for her (:


Me in the headband! Do you like the painting in the background of the Beatles?

Nubia's awesome headbands are from gla.MAR.ous and are fantastic! If you use the discount code NN117 then you can get a nice 10% off your next purchase there! Check out their stuff, or even just their cute headband-wearing tips!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My love of polyvore!

Ever since I first started stalking my online idol, Gala Darling, I have found a great love in my life- Polyvoring about a specific person! Here are some of my favorite looks, and the imaginary stories that go with them.


Is the lead singer of Fibbonacchi, the only semi-punk band to come out of 4 London-born New Yorkers under age 20. She grabbed a cup of black coffee, pinned back her hair, and walked out of her flat to catch the F-train.


...was not exactly a PETA advocate, but she didn't like animal cruelty. She scoffed at her mother's new fur stole and rushed home, aghast that anyone approved of such cruelty. She belted her slightly rainy yellow and green dress, and picked up her new leather bag... and then she realized what it was made of as she snapped on her new canary yellow earrings.


...Lived for horseback riding and stargazing. She shopped till she dropped to the grassy knoll near her small home every evening to see what stars would come out to play. She hated conformity and hated crayons even more, but loved her animal patterned leggings like nothing else.


...was a foot model by day, fashion entrepreneur by night. She used tin foil, feathers, beads, gluesticks, pencil sharpenings, you name it, she would use it for her aspirations. There was really nothing quite like making something out of nothing.


Had always wanted to go to the Circus. She was always too busy though, with her indie record store and off-the-beaten-track cafe job. She was always dressed to impress though, because you never knew when the right clown would come in for a spot of coffee.

Which is your favorite look?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vivienne Tam Spring 2010 Coverage!

Hey guys! In case you didn't know (which you really should), It's NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! :D The most amazing week in the year for fashion and fun. Shopping is always a blast (Fashion's Night Out, anyone?), models and celebs are crawling the neighborhood, and bloggers from all over are flocking to get their seat at designer shows!

This year though, and HP Computers teamed up to produce the FIRST EVER LIVE INTERNET FEED BROADCAST OF A FASHION SHOW! And that show was broadcasted tonight at 8pm, with pre-show interviews and full coverage of the Vivienne Tam showing of her new 2010 line. Guess who tuned in to watch? ME! (:

Yuli Ziv, the host of the feed, interviewing Meg of

Wendy Lam ofNitrolicious- Describes the line with "Asian influence" and "East meets west."

Morgan from Running With Heels

Carmindy from What Not To Wear, who just finished her third book, Crazy Busy Beautiful

Jessica Stroup from 90210 wearing Vivienne Tam! I love this dress.

Now, onto some of my favorites from the show!:

I saw this model in SoHo last week by Topshop!!!

Beautiful watercolored silks, butterflies, tons of fringe, sequins and amazing colors! I love the collection and can't wait for it to come out. Which is your favorite picture?

Oh, and if anyone wants an invitation to, just comment with your email address and i'll send you one! (:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick post!

This is just a quick post to prove I'm not dead. I had my first day of school on tuesday, which I absolutely hated because I'm so introverted sometimes, bahaha. Here's what I wore:

To see the product information, click the image.

I'm very nervous for my schedule- I'm only in my sophmore year and I'm already taking two Advanced Placement classes, AP European History and AP Psychology! It's going to be difficult... I hope I survive, ugh. My schedule is so demanding, I barely have time to eat!

Anyway, for Labor Day my boyfriend and my family all went to a family friend's house and I wore this:

Gotta run, will comment all your blogs and everything soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New York City Excursion

Thanks a lot to Aquiles Damiron from Minute By Minute for awarding me the Honest Scrap award!:
1. I'm afraid of really big dogs.
2. I wish I was a good artist, but I know I'm not.
3. I love going through and cleaning out my closet, because it lets me find things I don't usually wear.
4. I like very few girls.
5. I want to live in New York City- but I'm not sure that I want to just yet.
6. I'm scared of the first day of school, because I want to make new friends.
7. I still cry when I have a really bad nightmare.
8. I'm seriously not physically fit.
9. Sometimes I think my boyfriend determines what I do, and I don't like that.
10. I love stealing my mom's Nikon D60 (:

and the bloggers I'd like to give this to areeeee:
1. Lina at All My Love
2. Lexy at Girl With The Bow Tie
3. Come Over To The Dark Side, We Have Candy


I went to Greenwich Village and SoHo today! (: Since it's still up in the air as to whether or not I will be attending Fashion's Night Out, I decided to take a trip in just in case I don't get a chance to go in on Thursday. We started at my parents' friend's apartment and walked to 4th street and the Stand, where there was a street fair. I got some yummy fries!

A cute little dress stall

AWESOME headdress!

the street fair!

Then we made our way to Forever 21 and Topshop where I got a few cute little things:

New tights and the Kate Moss handout, Topshop, $12

floral cardi, Topshop, $70

My father used to work on Orchard Street at a jacket and dress store. In his prime, he sold all sorts of coats, dresses, and general clothing that needed to be fitted. So, he still has his gift of fitting and sizing people; therefore, he is a pleasure to buy a coat with. I got this cute Kelly Green coat and he kept making me try different sizes- "Medium first, now the Small!" "Hmm, maybe the sleeves are too short on that one..."

Kelly green peacoat, Forever 21, $50

And here's what I wore the whole time:


What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'll miss you, summer!

Me, in my room

Hi! Wednesday was a lot of fun- met up with my girl Ava, who I've known since she moved to my school from a private school, and before that, London! She came over while a Phineas and Ferb marathon was on, bahahah. I wore one of the outfits I posted earlier this week, but this picture is of me that day. First we walked around my neighborhood for a little bit, then we met a friend for some drinks(slurpies... [:) and then went out to a japanese restaurant in the next town over.

Ramune, Japanese Soda!

A few months ago I went to Pearl River, an asian department store in SoHo, and had a Japanese Soda- Ava ordered one and I followed suit. They're these really cute little bottles of Sprite-esque soda, and you have to press a cap into the opening to release a marble so you can drink! It's so cute, and It's a good serving size- just a little bigger than an old-fashioned glass Coca-Cola bottle. I had avocado rolls and ava had those as well, in addition to shrimp rolls. We also had yummy miso soup, which I haven't had in ages! I love Japanese food.

We were walking around my neighborhood and just sort of catching up, when we caught sight of this hydranga plant- Now, if you remember, a few weeks ago I went to work with my neighbor, a party designer and planner. So I've seen hydrangas at their peek and am spoiled. But look at this plant- all the other flowers are drooping while one blue one shoots up. SO DEPRESSING!

Sad little hydranga!

But anyway, it was a very good time had by all, we'll have to do it again soon! But yesterday, I went to get a manicure with another friend to this cute place near my house- I always go for a light pink on the nails because it matches everything. I go WILD on my toes though! And afterwards we decided to take my very small, precious turtle (named SQUIRTLE!) outside. He's a red-eared slider, which means he is an aquatic turtle with red ears. He's a little bigger than the size of a quarter!

This is me and my baby Squirtle!

After she left, I went to what we call the "uptown" part of my neighborhood, saw some old friends, and met my gal Amanda; this blonde, cute girl, who just spent her entire summer with family in Greece! We then went to my boyfriend's house and had a get-together with other friends and spent the night watching movies and eating quesedillas. She's such a sweetheart, she brought me back a cute little box from Greece!

little trinket box in Greek wrappings

Oh, and as promised, here are two of my purchases from the other day:

Steve Madden floral dress, ridiculously cheap at a boutique in town

White necklace from Charlotte Russe

What did you guys do on one of the last days of summer?