Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Warped Tour 2009!

A few weeks ago, I went to Warped Tour 2009. Warped tour is great because truthfully, people don't go that can't handle it. Sure, you have the average teenybopper who thinks they can handle it, but other than that, it's good about weeding out true fans of the music from those people who just go to be able to say they went. Between the people who walk around with FREE HUGS/KISSES/HOOKUPS (remove as needed) written on their shirts, the girls who were smart enough to wear a bikini top under their shirts knowing the weather (like me, hah), the slip-n-slide which i'm not entirely sure about having everywhere, it's difficult not to have a good time. Sure, you'll get ripped off when you try to buy food, water, or sunblock: but the easy way out is knowing what you'll need to bring, and knowing how much money to bring so you don't pass out. I had a great time this year, even better than Warped Tour 2008.

Another awesome thing about it is all the free stuff you get- there are all sorts of booths set up for your perusal from organizations like Peta2 (new campaign), SocialVibe, and To Write Love On Her Arms. Other booths represent different merchendise for bands (example from the 3OH!3 tent below, which my friend bought), independent bands looking for new fans to sell their CDs to, and places for temporary stamps so that when you walk around the concert, other people go looking for the source of the stamp.

Then there are the companies who sell their own products at warped tour, like New York Couture and Glamour Kills. Among my friends, I am notorious for spending as much time peering through these booths, because quite frankly, I get a beter deal buying their stuff at Warped Tour than online, because there's no shipping cost, and I get to like, actually SEE the garment or accessory in question. You know what I mean? Anyway, I ended up with a NYCouture necklace and a GK bag.


But the iPod men are the best. They're people that walk around with a backpack, an iPod of some sort, and a jack of like, 3 pairs of huge headphones. They walk around and then you get to sample some of their band's music if they're a band member, or if they're a streetteam member, they advocate even stronger about the band they're playing for you. They'll usually ask, "who are you here to see?" and depending on who you say, they'll play a song or two to make you want to buy their CD. I love the iPod men, and my usual bargain with them is that, "I will buy your CD if you take a picture with me." And they usually respond flirtatiously, my friend takes the picture, I get a CD, it's all good. I love the iPod men.

As far as the bands I saw:

1. 3OH!3: Most famous for the song, Don't Trust me. The way to tell the difference between true 3OH!3 fans and the ones that came directly from radio exposure, is which version of Don't Trust Me they sing. If it's with every curse and unedit, they're real. If not, they're new to the craze.
Chokechain (Yeah, I recorded it... lol)

2. Jeffree Star: Come on, everyone's favorite transvestite singing?! Unheard of! His merch line at his tent included Hilarious tee-shirts with varying innapropriate slogans dealing with Cunts and Cupcakes. Most of the best stuff isn't available online, sadly.

3. Ice Nine Kills: I actually heard about them at the last Warped Tour, because their bass player was an iPod man last year. Here's a picture I took with him last year (YOUTUBE THEM IF YOU LIKE A LITTLE ALT-SCREAMO):

4. Sing It Loud: Not quite as well-known as the others. My friend Alex and I actually found Sing It Loud because we're considered Myspace Music Whores; as in, EVERY BAND IN THE WORLD adds me or her on myspace. But they're actually quite good, and I took a picture of them having a small acoustic playing outside their booth:

For a full list of the bands that played, check out the Warped Website's List.

In total, I walked out of warped tour with a pair of these KKBB Shorts, my GK bag, NYC necklace, tons of free stickers, a Warped 09 Program, Free MP3 passes, a free 25-song iTunes playlist, 7 CDs (3 were free) a Peta2 DVD, momento photos emailed to me, KKBB sunglasses, lots of flyers, a vans hat and tank top, a Bhagavad Gita (don't even ask.) and a lot of great pictures, posters, and business cards. I can't wait for next year, already!

Tunes To Try (VIA WAPRED):
1. The Original Mack by Uh Oh! Explosion- A little of this and that. For lovers of 3OH!3 and TV/TV.

2. I'm Not Crying. You're Not Crying, Are You? by Dear and the Headlights- Very throaty, for lovers of Nickelback's vocals and the Rise Against's semi-scream quality that you all know about, even if I can't really describe it.

3. The Brightest Green by Anarbor- Similar to Family Force Five on a non-screamo day, and Envy On The Coast on a not-high pitched day.

4. Every Indecision by Erickson- For lovers of NeverShoutNever and All Time Low.

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