Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Lookbook!

-Made the shirt by cutting a deep V-neck and drawing with a fabric marker, long vertical lines to elongate the V. Michael's sells t-shirts dirt cheap!
-Owl Necklace from Charlotte Russe, because I love owls.
-I got a new gold braided belt from AA, because I lost my much cooler, metallic one :(
-Ruffled skirt from Lester's
-These awesome gold, paisley sneakers from H&M for $15. Come on, how do you expect me to resist?


Shin said...

I love this outfit!!! That own necklace is so adorable and I adore your shoes!! xxoxoxo

Jackie said...

Everything about this outfit is awesome! I especially adore the owl necklace and the rope belt =]

clairegrenade said...

holy moly AMAZINGLY cute shoes you have there!

Jowy said...

GREAT DIY! those shoes are just killer!

One Love,

Lilee said...

omg, great shoes and necklace!

{ A L I C E } said...

I have a necklace like that from Topshop, but yours is so much nicer, and with a lot more detailing x

Smelly Cat said...

cute outfit! i have a necklace like that from ALDO.

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

First of all Anna, thank you for dropping by "Minute by Minute" (MBM).

I really like this outgoing, yet conservative outfit in a way. I do not know how to critique fashion, but according to my fashion standards you look great in this outfit.

I wonder where you would wear this to.

Let's stay in contact. I am following you from now on. I like your piece of the blogging pie. Would you like to swap links?

Stay in touch...buenos deseos,



I have that owl too! It must be the Topshop one that Alice has, although I must have stolen it from one of the magazines I worked for...cheeky.


Miss Pico Union said...