Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daily Outfit- July 12, 2009

I don't usually post my daily outfits here... Obviously enough, since there is enough of a lack of posts to see that. But you know, I got a really annoying e-mail today from Lookbook telling me that their fucking moderators "flagged my look for deletion" because apparently I didn't abide by the rules.

The rule I broke?:

"5. No more than 3 views of an outfit.
Collaged posts are allowed but must contain no more than 3 separately combined images."

Well, why not? Here's my original picture of my outfit (and I'll add annotations for the outfit beneath):

-Fred Flare Sunglasses, $2 at their Sample Sale (see prev. post)
-Owl pendant, $12 at Claire's
-Lace Tank, $5 on sale at Urban Outfitters
-Boho white dress for 10 pounds at Primark in London
-Mustard Belt for 3 pounds at Primark in London
-Terracotta-colored sandal heels for $40 at Anthropologie
-Leather pouch bag my mother got me in Italy for something like 20 euro.

Like honestly, what is wrong with that picture (excuse personal flaws) in its layout? Because it has FOUR photos, it must be deleted?

Fuck it. I just reposted it without the 3 little side photos.

Too mad to talk about anything of interest (i.e., recent trip to london...).

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Jasmin Alexia said...

i love this outfit sooo much!

thanks for following me on twitter :)