Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, another voyage to Fred Flare took place last weekend, during their amazing sample sale! ;D I walked in and there were tables of stuff waiting to find a new home: mini robovacuums, quirky notebooks, language tapes, sunglasses, jewelry, socks, flats, roller skates, and tons more! Highlights for sales were a few of my favorite FF items:

I bought all those for under $5 each. Pretty great, no? (: The sale was packed all day, but I had a blast for the time I was there and the people were super friendly!

I also found myself a bit further into Williamsburg, near McCarren park, where I discovered the cutest place, Artists & Fleas. Basically, it is "a weekly marketplace to bring artists, collectors, designers and anyone seeking a place to play show and sell together," where the most amazing vintage or original pieces of clothing can be found. The weekend I went (5/16-17), the theme of the shop was Texas finds and inspirations. Vintage nd distressed cowboy boots, leather goods, and Texan finds from thrift stores filled the space, and I had a ball trying on these amazing white, tall cowboy boots scarily resembling those shown here. Quite cute.

I ended up purchasing an extremely soft, silkscreened shirt from India & Purry because it was just $15, and I barely own anything red, quite honestly. To see [a little of it], I wore it here. I also bought a t-shirt by Sea Sick Mama, reading "Hey little bird, fly away home/ your house is on fire and your children are alone," from the Tom Waits song A Jockey Full of Bourbon.

On North 6th street is one of my favorite restaurants for Thai food, Sea. When you walk in it's an extremely modern atmosphere, with Thai twists everywhere including their small seabank setting in the main room, with a giant statue in the middle. We ate basil springrolls, vegetable dumplings, Ginger chicken, chicken curry, and iced tea, all for $20 for two people. Nice, no?
I also couldn't get over how cute the menus from that place were, so I took one home with me to keep (after asking, obviously) because it's like a little postcard book! Too bad I misplaced it or I'd show you what I mean...


bri said...

ughhh pms sucks lol

gilda said...

what! how did i not know about this sample sale. shucks. lucky you!