Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My life is a little messed up right now.
I'm gonna be right back with this blog.
But for now, it's on hold.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Pankakes and Saucy Dresses

Hey everyone! This sunday was a really nice, relaxing day for me. I started the day by trying a Pumpkin Pancake recipe from Free People's AWESOME bog! I made the batter from scratch, flipped, flopped, and burned several, but ended up with some yummy pancakes for my family!

my pumpkin pancakes! check the recipe out at Free People's blog!

Also on sunday, I realized that I am extremely low on party dresses, and this is the year in school when everyone is turning 16... So only naturally, SWEET SIXTEENS ARE IN BLOOM! And I had to get an outfit. My darling friend Daniella is having one, and I plan to wear this to hers:

Left to right: Both items together, Cheetah-print slinky tube dress from Forever 21, Gold and black mesh top from Free People.

I love the dress and top both, but I'm not sure if it's a little too short to wear. Also, the issue with wearing only a tube dress is that the stomach always sticks out, no matter how skinny you are, which draws me towards wearing the top over it, too. But I want to look SPICY! any comments about it?

Actually the most comfortable pair of heels i have ever put on.
Item: Black suede and patent heels by Steve Madden for Madden Girl.

Also, while out shopping, I got the StrapPerfect!

You basically just put the little device on your bra straps, and they hide the straps if you;re wearing a racerback top or something like that, and also add a full cup size. They're really neat!

What's up with you? Comment me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Roundup 10/20-10/25

Hola Kids! Quick weekly roundup for you, probably going to post again on Wednesday, so check back!

Outfit 1 Info: Green peasant top- DKNY, Antique owl necklace, floral skirt- H&M, black leggings- Charlotte Russe, Yellow pointed toe flats- In Italy
Outfit 2 Info: Lavender top- Charlotte Russe, Silver rope necklace- Forever 21, Fringe necklace- Something Else, Floral leggings- H&M, High-waisted skirt- American Apparel, ankle boots- In Italy
Outfit 3 Info: Green cami - Something Else, White Aztec dress- Topshop, Silver gladiator wedges - TJ Maxx

There are only 3 images because I only had 3 outfits worth posting, lol. Next post: look foreward to lots of new goods to check out!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Renee Flemming Master Class

I'm so sorry this post didn't go up until today! I've been incredibly busy this week, going into the city, several exams, etc. It was pretty hectic for me! But I'll quickly post this, and the weekly roundup will probably go up Monday so that I can get time for some feedback on this post first.

Just outside Avery Fisher Hall, this is the Juliard School!

This was my first visit to Julliard, on tuesday after school. I jumped on the train with my friend's little brother, an acting protege who takes dance classes in the city, and we voyaged to Penn. I met my mom at the station so we could grab a bite to eat at Barnes and Noble (got a hot chocolate, hot sourdough pretzel with asiago cheese, and a marble cupcake) up on 65th and Amsterdam, and then I went across the street to see the class.

Renee towards the end of the class

The class is explained very briefly: "This special event is a benefit for Juilliard. The master class features performances by students from Juilliard's Vocal Arts Department and also marks the dedication of the School's Peter Jay Sharp Theater." Basically what happened was, four students from Julliard prepared an aria, and they went on stage one by one and sang for us. Then Renee critiqued them, and gave them tips on improving breath support, pitch modification, etc.

These are the notes I took; click the image or HERE to see them, straight from my Moleskine!

Here's a little snippet of Renee answering questions at the end of the class:

Oh, sidenote: I was in a theater of elderly people (the types that go to the Met every weekend for a new opera), college students, and myself. I ended up sitting next to a student from a school in New Hampshire, who lived in Europe for 5 years and is pursuing a singing career in New York!

Roundup coming monday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Roundup: 10/13- 10/17

the third Weekly Roundup ever! I only had four days to work with here, so here are only three outfits. But as promised, the Free People lace top I mentioned is featured in the second look this week.

Which outfit is your favorite? Where do you like to shop?!

Ah.. What did I do this weekend. Well as you know, I saw Where The Wild Things Are with my friend Ryan on Friday. Saturday, I had my school's homecoming and I went briefly with my friend Amanda after geting our nails done per usual. Then we went to my boyfriend's hockey game (her boyfriend is on the team now too, actually!) and after, we went for onion rings and ice cream, and visited the beach in the bitter cold!

Me and my boyfriend, Anthony, at the beach in the freezing weather!

Sorry for the bad quality, I took it on my phone with blustery winds messing my hair up and forcing us to squint our eyes.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where The Wild Things make Wilder Cupcakes!

I went to go see Where The Wild Things Are tonight! (: It was a great time, I went with my friend Ryan and a few other people. Based ona 12-line children's book, it was a very artistic film- something that wasn't really for children directly. It was semi-dark, and psychologically stimulating. Ryan and I both take AP Psych and we were both thinking to ourselves about the symbolic merit of the movie, aside from the funny jokes. It was a simplistic movie in the thought processes of the ccharacters, and I really enjoyed it! Do watch the trailer:

In other news, I made some cupcakes this week. But NOT just your ordinary, every-day cupcakes; mine were TYE-DYE! Take a look!

I love them! A while back I scoped these groovy little treats on Baked By Melissa's flavor page! But instead of a recipe for cupcakes, I took some white cake mix and just added some food coloring!

I separated the batter into 6 separate bowls, using different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white) in each bowl. I just added some food coloring and mixed it up.

I took different spoonfuls of the colors and mixed and matched them in their little individual cupcake holder things so each cupcake was different, stuck them in the oven for 20 minutes, and let their magic happen!

Yummy, no?

Finally I took them out of the oven to cool before putting on some vanilla icing and packing them in a bright pink Betsey Johnson giftbox to bring to my chorus rehearsal! (: Aren't they cute?

Weekly roundup is coming on Sunday, stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free People Obsession

Hey all (: It's tuesday night after my chorus rehearsal for the metropolitan area- It's from like 7-9:30 and absolutely exhausting. I haven't even thought about the looming AP Euro exam this week (potentially thursday, kill me now)! I'm absolutely desparate to go to NYU and every test counts... (lol, not really... right?)

Anyway, I was reading an article about organizing a closet or clothing space and I got some good ideas from it. Here's a picture of my tee-shirt drawer, currently organized by color instead of just mishmashed in there:

I like this way of organizing because it allows me to direct my eye to the color I want to wear, and because it consolidates and saves a lot of space. Doing this allowed me to use one of my other drawers for skirts!

The only downside right now is that you can't see every individual tee-shirt from the front- but, then again, is there a system (other than a virtual closet like Cher's from Clueless) where you can? And another thing is that since I have so many shirts, it's a little annoying trying to pull one out from the rest. But that's a quantity problem, not the organization.

My closet is also organized by color- to be honest, I prefer it organized in this way because it makes everything more easily accessible. Also, if you don't want it in rainbow order (ROY G BIV), you cvan just separate them by color and then put them in order from most to least accessibility. I tried organizing by type and then color this weekend, but it didn't work out because it was just not aesthetically pleasing, and because I knew I wouldn't keep up the system. BLEH.

Last word before signing off, I really need some sleep- later this week in the Weekly Roundup i'll have a look featuring a gorgeous new Free People lace top that i've been eyeing for ages:

I went shopping with my grandmother who I haven't seen since Christmas and I decided I wanted this top over anything else in the mall by her. She was suprised, but I'm very happy with it (: Definitely stay tooned to see how I wear it!! Also, if you get a chance, check out the FREE PEOPLE BLOG! I love Nylon Mag's and even Juicy Couture has a cool website, but Free People is the most... bloggish, of them all. The least business-like, I suppose. Free People obsession to be explained later this week!

This weekend: Nothing really special, I went to my grandmother's upstate for the day with my father. Sunday I just sort of lazed around and did nothing productive. Monday (a holiday in the US for you out-of-towners) I went to get a manicure/pedicure with my friend Daniella, and then we went back to her house... I'll defintely attempt a feature on her house soon! (:

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekly Roundup: 10/5-10/9

Another weekly roundup!

A note on outfit #2: It looks heinously short, but I actually have shorts underneath my skirt. I wore little black spandex ones to school, but they ripped so i had to get rid of them since they kept falling. I got yelled at by the assistant principle to put shorts on but I was on my way to anyway... go figure.

Why yes, I did get that skirt at the same place I saw these awesome necklaces. And I wore those cowboy boots because they're my mom's, and she was out of town this week, giving me the perfect opportunity to wear them. (:

Enjoy, expect another post much sooner than last week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Minimart and Amanda's

Quick little post, just because I actually finished my homework before midnight and I'm a little keyed up, what with having all this stuff that needed to get done... and actually doing it all. Ever feel like that after finishing a lot of work?

Anyway, this past weekend was quite a fun one for me! Saturday I went to get a manicure with my friend Amanda, went to my boyfriend's hockey game, and then went back to Amanda's. She has the most amazing house ever, and I'm actually featuring some of my favorite stuff from there; HER BATHROOM!

her entire house is absolutely beautiful, nestled away off the beaten track of a very nice neighborhood near where I live.

The sink and entire piece of furniture... It looks like something out of a fairytale and is beautifully ornate.

Most amazing sink ever. Amanda was telling me about how she picked this sink out as a kid and she wanted it in her bathroom off her bedroom, but her mom put it downstairs and she cried. I cry now because I DONT HAVE THIS SINK AT ALL.

The inside of the sink reads the story of Sleeping Beauty. Do you get much cuter than that?

On another note, Sunday lead me to different adventures; a yearly streetfair in my town that seems to progressively suck more and more, lol. I noticed that many of the venders were selling big jewelry though, and here are a few of my favorites (apologies for crappy quality, I used my cell phone to take these):

This really caught my eye for a few reasons. First and foremost, its price tag; $75! To be honest, I could make one of these types of jewelry, or at least find a much cheaper one at a discount store or something. however, I loved the embellishments on this one, and I rather like that it's all black, no?

I was sort of being sketchy and taking these pictures when they vendor wasn't looking, so this is a pretty bad image. But these necklaces were both made completely out of wire and beads and I thought they looked really cool! I would have loved to purchase one but they're in the range of $40, and that's really not great for me since I have less than that in a year, lol. But I like the way that the one on the left looks the best. Perhaps because purple is one of my favorite colors?

I also got a cute corderoy pink miniskirt (picture in the weekly roundup to come!), a black pashmina, and a New Zealand necklace in the shape of a fish hook. I thought it was bloody cute and pretty cheap. you'll be seeing it soon.

Thanks a lot for your feedback on the roundup, guys! Don't forget to tell all your readers about my blog because my audience continues to change from post to post...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekly Roundup: 9/29-10/3

Holy crap, it's been over a week since my last post! :(
I'm starting a new thing though guys, don't worry. I'm going to do a Weekly Outfit Roundup of my favorite outfits that I wear and change during the week. So it'll be a cute little collage of pictures and details of outfits that I wear! :) It'll be fun and a good way for me to discipline myself on taking a picture every day, and posting my blog at least once a week. Here's this week's:

I'll be doing this once a week, so there should be four or five photos per roudup, out of 7 days. I hope you guys like this new thing I'm trying!

Which is your favorite outfit? Do you like this idea?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

FREE STUFF FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone (: I haven't posted in a while, due mainly to the fact that I was very sick this weekend and earlier this week. I went to school late on Wednesday for the first time all week in an effort to do something useful with my time. But instead, I send a quick post your way because I haven't bought much lately (am saving up for my trip to South America in February, and Christmas shopping...) but I just got two awesome free things!

First, yesterday I recieved some Dylan's Candy Bar lotion from LOCKERZ.COM! The site has NOT gone public yet, so if you would like an invitation to join the Lockerz community, just post a comment with your email address and I'll send one your way.

Now, at first I was a little skeptical of Lockerz- the main point of a website to give away free stuff? Seemed pretty sketchy... But, they followed through this week! When they refurbished their prizes last week, I grabbed some of the DCB lotion that smells like a chocolate cupcake and put that down for delivery- AND HERE IT IS!


Chocolate cupcake (:

A little Lockerz thank you notice for using the site!

Also, my girl Nubia from her blog NubiaNonsense sent me a little gift from her giveaway! Since everyone who participated got one, I was very excited to be part of the lucky group (: It's a cute little headband and I'll get used to how it sits on me soon- so expect an outfit post about its awesomeness again soon!

Cute little box it came in...

The headband, business cards and discount information

Blatant advertising for her (:


Me in the headband! Do you like the painting in the background of the Beatles?

Nubia's awesome headbands are from gla.MAR.ous and are fantastic! If you use the discount code NN117 then you can get a nice 10% off your next purchase there! Check out their stuff, or even just their cute headband-wearing tips!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My love of polyvore!

Ever since I first started stalking my online idol, Gala Darling, I have found a great love in my life- Polyvoring about a specific person! Here are some of my favorite looks, and the imaginary stories that go with them.


Is the lead singer of Fibbonacchi, the only semi-punk band to come out of 4 London-born New Yorkers under age 20. She grabbed a cup of black coffee, pinned back her hair, and walked out of her flat to catch the F-train.


...was not exactly a PETA advocate, but she didn't like animal cruelty. She scoffed at her mother's new fur stole and rushed home, aghast that anyone approved of such cruelty. She belted her slightly rainy yellow and green dress, and picked up her new leather bag... and then she realized what it was made of as she snapped on her new canary yellow earrings.


...Lived for horseback riding and stargazing. She shopped till she dropped to the grassy knoll near her small home every evening to see what stars would come out to play. She hated conformity and hated crayons even more, but loved her animal patterned leggings like nothing else.


...was a foot model by day, fashion entrepreneur by night. She used tin foil, feathers, beads, gluesticks, pencil sharpenings, you name it, she would use it for her aspirations. There was really nothing quite like making something out of nothing.


Had always wanted to go to the Circus. She was always too busy though, with her indie record store and off-the-beaten-track cafe job. She was always dressed to impress though, because you never knew when the right clown would come in for a spot of coffee.

Which is your favorite look?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vivienne Tam Spring 2010 Coverage!

Hey guys! In case you didn't know (which you really should), It's NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! :D The most amazing week in the year for fashion and fun. Shopping is always a blast (Fashion's Night Out, anyone?), models and celebs are crawling the neighborhood, and bloggers from all over are flocking to get their seat at designer shows!

This year though, Stylecaster.com and HP Computers teamed up to produce the FIRST EVER LIVE INTERNET FEED BROADCAST OF A FASHION SHOW! And that show was broadcasted tonight at 8pm, with pre-show interviews and full coverage of the Vivienne Tam showing of her new 2010 line. Guess who tuned in to watch? ME! (:

Yuli Ziv, the host of the feed, interviewing Meg of StyleCaster.com

Wendy Lam ofNitrolicious- Describes the line with "Asian influence" and "East meets west."

Morgan from Running With Heels

Carmindy from What Not To Wear, who just finished her third book, Crazy Busy Beautiful

Jessica Stroup from 90210 wearing Vivienne Tam! I love this dress.

Now, onto some of my favorites from the show!:

I saw this model in SoHo last week by Topshop!!!

Beautiful watercolored silks, butterflies, tons of fringe, sequins and amazing colors! I love the collection and can't wait for it to come out. Which is your favorite picture?

Oh, and if anyone wants an invitation to Stylecaster.com, just comment with your email address and i'll send you one! (: