Wednesday, November 12, 2008

YanYan and Jamie Oliver

So yesterday I went to Greenwich Village with my darling friend Nicole, took the subway down to SoHo and went to my favorite Asian store in the world, Pearl River. Then later, we went to Union Square to see Jamie Oliver talk about his new cookbook that recently came out and my mom got hers signed.

The signs on the polls didn't say anything about prohibiting recording during the discussion, so I have some videos for you if you're interested (I was seated so they're not TOO terrible, but you may want to turn your volume up because his accent distorts the sound a little):

Oh, he's dreamy :]

The display in Union Square with Obama and McCain made us crack up because Obama's a sharper dresser than McCain even as a cardboard head!

A poor man on the side of the street... You know, I don't have a problem with people sitting on the street like that at all, as long as they're not being an asshole and like begging you for money by being rude. So last night Nicole and I were walking out of Ricky's and this guy starts like walking after us with a taco bell cup saying, "don't walk away pretty girls, I wouldn't do that to you!"

I understand that they need money, but really I just wanted him to leave me alone... I would've been more likely to give him money if he was just sort of sitting and not harassing me. Ugh. Men.

When we were walking back to our original destination, We passed Parsons, the school of design. I'm excited to say that this spring/summer, I'm planning to take a class there in fashion design because that's my latest big thing... It looks good for college resumes to take these sorts of summer intensive programs, and it's what I'd love to do. Nicole is planning to take an F.I.T. class in business and marketing over the summer for two hours a day as well, so she invited me to join her :] and I really might, if my mom allows it.

So we went to Barnes And Noble to see Jamie Oliver speak of course, and Nicole and I left when my mom wanted to go up and get a signature from him. So we tracked downstairs and I found this book, The One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia. It's got all the necessities from A-line dresses to the Zippered Hoodie, and is a great read. I'll make a stylish reading list soon, along with other things like that.

In B&N, we also grabbed MK&A's new book, Influence (To read a great review, click here). We both snatched one off the shelves and settled in a corner to flip through them and read some of the interviews with John Galliano, Christian Louboutin, etc. For a snatch at what's inside the book, check GlamChic for some basics, there aren't a lot availible... I'll to my best to upload some when I get my copy. We got yelled at for taking pictures, lol.

Also, I'm filling out the Proust Survey that's currently being filled out by every conciebable blogger I'm sure, so I'm joining the pack: scans up soon.


She's Dressing Up said...

I cant wait to get a copy of Influence! Its so cute that your mam wanted Jamie Oliver's signature =], I have some of his books and normally I just stare at the delicious pictures of food haha!

Domonique said...

I love this little post.... Me and my boyfriend just went to an event Gordon Ramsey was at ... he was a bit more excited about the whole thing, but still it was pretty good. Just came across your blog today, I'm liking what I see.

Katoushka said...

I missed MK&A signing at Union Square!

I'm also looking into taking fashion classes this summer, FIT has some in Spring and they do look great on your college apps.

Really cute blog you have here(:

MR style said...

i adore Jamie Oliver too!!

sarah said...

hilarious pictures, i really want a copy of influence! x