Tuesday, November 18, 2008

George Lopez beats Family Guy.

So there's this little thing I do called the 365.

I take a picture every day, and have been since May 25 2008. It's just a little way that I can see what I do every day, who I spend my time with, where I go, and how I've changed. So I'm used to taking tons of pictures every day to determine which one I'll ultimately post. So when I found my new muse for life on LookBook, I really wanted to join and take pictures of all my cute outfits! I mean, here are just a few of my ultimate favorites:

So due to these images and of course tons more, I just HAD to be a part of LookBook! So I tried to register... but it turns out that you need an invitation to get in, or you need to apply. So what I'm doing, is I'm taking a picture of my outfits every day and posting them on my Flickr in a group called Wardrobe_remix. And I'm definitely putting them here, as well! So here are the latest ones.

Yesterday's. I found this Juicy Couture shirt from two years ago and figured I'd utilize it because it IS cute and it's not terribly obnoxious to the point of suicide. So, why not? And i just had to add my own little flashes of color and stuff.

Today it was so cold here in Long Island... So i wore these INCREDIBLY warm knit tights, with a long-sleeve shirt and this great dress I got at a bargain from Delia's. But it looked really awkward without a belt, so I grabbed one from my coat, lol... yeah.

I was also partially inspired for the Daily Outfits by one of my absolute favorite blogs, iCiNG. The hostess, Gala, frequently posts daily outfits and I actually googled "Daily outfit" and her site was the first to come up. Go figure.

Tons more to say and show, but I'll do that tomorrow; I have a killer bio exam tomorrow about the plasma membrane and know nothing about it.


Mini and Menchi said...
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Mini said...

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of shirts with words, but you work it so well with your cute silvery belt and your awesome skirt.

And that dress!!! It needs a silent moment of appreciation...

Okay. The buttons and the ruffles on the sides are so cute. And the layering makes it so very wearable in these ridiculously below zero months. I am loving these looks.

(I had to delete the comment I left before cause I was signed into the wrong blogspot account.)

Squishybubble said...

Hey!! Erm...those tights were my mothers and they have no tag. There is a slight run though...*TEAR* I love your outfit, tres chic! and those lacey tights....they are going straight to my wishlist!
ta ta for now

bri said...

those are really cute outfits. i really like what you did with the juicy top and the skirt... tres cute!

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