Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilighting my glory.

Happy late Thanksgiving!
Let me start with these cool bracelets that i put together the other day and was very proud of:

I love this. I feel so concieted saying it, but I am very proud of the way that I can put nine totally different bracelets together from different parts of the universe together and make them look fucking sexy. If I do say so myself.

I'm just showing off now. But I wore this great bracelet combonation on Tuesday to school because I didn't want to wear anything very fancy or uncomfortable, so I brought my style through my bangles, of course. And all day I just wanted to tell everyone the story of how I got them all. And show off. So you get to learn about them all ;D

1. Kikui Nutshell Bracelet: I went to Hawaii in August, for a cruise. On Oahu as we were getting on the boat, they were selling these and my mom got me one from this absolutely beautiful, valumptous hawaiian woman who was making leis... one day remind me to write an article about that, it's really cool. Lei-making, I mean.

2. Betsey Johnson Leopard Charm Bracelet: My friend Laura lives in NYC and thinks she's the shit for it. Her mom works as a luggage exec in Bloomingdales and gets a really good discount on their stuff; so christmas the year before last, I get a little blue box with this inside. Ah, the days where I didn't even know who Betsey was...

3. Gold nametag bracelet: Four years ago, my mother went to Italy without me for two weeks. They found this small store in the rural countryside of Umbria and she saw this, along with a gold necklace which was stolen in a burglary last year, and knew I would love it. Which, of course, I did.

4. Bronze, silver, and gold bangles: When I was about eight years old, a friend of mine took us to the mall and we had a scavenger hunt around the mall. At Claire's Accessories, which basically personifies the dreams of every 8-year-old, they were having a sale for these little gift bags for a dollar, and they included A necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a little make-up. So this came in one of mine and I've kept it a long time.

5. David Yurman Heart Charm Bracelet: My darling boyfriend of 9 months got this for me. He was going to give this to me for my birthday, but when he did something nearly unforgivable, this helped us stay together... a little. &By the way, it wasn't $300 when he got it for me.
6. Silver bangles: My great aunt gave these bracelets to me from Nordstroms, before she died. I never wore them until Tuesday.

7. Mt. Vesuvius Lava Bracelet: I'm extremely Italian, know lots of Italians, speak it (not fluently at all, trust me), etc. My mother's interpreter speaks spanish and Italian, and they became good friends. So when he went to Sicily to visit his relatives, he picked up this bracelet with the beads made of the lava, for me.

8. Murano Glass bracelet: My mother's friends who live in the gatehouse of a beautiful estate bought me a set of bracelets from glass blown in Murano. One had yellow/gold beads, the other had violet beads, and the last had a very pale color which I don't remember at the moment, haha.

9. Ribbon: I was bored and thought that it added even more diverse texture and color.

Yes, I know you're glad I'm done rambling about that stuff. So moving on, I must express how happy i am about my current favorite movie...

I'm sure everywhere you go, you're sick of seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart... but I'm not. *sighs* I went on the US's premire, which was friday, 11/21. And I'd just like to say that I saw approximately... four men, total, in the theater. And most of the people who showed up were wearing their own tee-shirts that either they made or bought, but who cares, because they all had something about twilight on them. Here were ours, which we made from one of the movie posters:

It was so easy to do, you just buy iron-on paper at staples, put it in the printer, design whatever you want to be ironed on, and then make a mirror image of it so it's backwards. Then jkust print it out and iron it on, then peel it off and BOOM! You have an awesome shirt! :D

Anyway, I loved the Twilight books. The only reason I read them was because I had FOUR six-hour flights to deal wiht from NY to Washington and then to Hawaii, and then back. So I bought the first one at the airport and couldn't stop reading the whole time! And I got everyone in the above picture hooked. (Left to right: Me, Amanda, Lisa, Imani; you'll read more about them if you continue to visit me)

Also, I thought it was funny because the boyf, Anthony, told his mom that I was obsessed with the books, and now she's borrowing the first one. I think it's so funny how universally appealing they are to women. And another funny note, I know of a few guys who read the books to get pointers from the characters inside! Hah!

Before I go, I just want to link you to a few cool things i've been stumbling on across the web lately:

-Do you use a Mac and have tons of applications you never use? Are you tired of crowding up your dock? Todos is great for you then! breaks down how the stars of Gossip Girl get their amazing looks with their 5-part article series on how to do it yourself at cheap prices.

-Want cool ideas for outfits by messing with someone else's? Check out RoiWorld to choose a doll and go through their closet!

-Love Japanese Fashion? Check out Japanese Streets for videos about the Japanese style, Photos of some really interesting outfits, and the ability to share your own cool creations and looks.

Next to expect: A look inside my make-up bag and other life updates. have fun!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

George Lopez beats Family Guy.

So there's this little thing I do called the 365.

I take a picture every day, and have been since May 25 2008. It's just a little way that I can see what I do every day, who I spend my time with, where I go, and how I've changed. So I'm used to taking tons of pictures every day to determine which one I'll ultimately post. So when I found my new muse for life on LookBook, I really wanted to join and take pictures of all my cute outfits! I mean, here are just a few of my ultimate favorites:

So due to these images and of course tons more, I just HAD to be a part of LookBook! So I tried to register... but it turns out that you need an invitation to get in, or you need to apply. So what I'm doing, is I'm taking a picture of my outfits every day and posting them on my Flickr in a group called Wardrobe_remix. And I'm definitely putting them here, as well! So here are the latest ones.

Yesterday's. I found this Juicy Couture shirt from two years ago and figured I'd utilize it because it IS cute and it's not terribly obnoxious to the point of suicide. So, why not? And i just had to add my own little flashes of color and stuff.

Today it was so cold here in Long Island... So i wore these INCREDIBLY warm knit tights, with a long-sleeve shirt and this great dress I got at a bargain from Delia's. But it looked really awkward without a belt, so I grabbed one from my coat, lol... yeah.

I was also partially inspired for the Daily Outfits by one of my absolute favorite blogs, iCiNG. The hostess, Gala, frequently posts daily outfits and I actually googled "Daily outfit" and her site was the first to come up. Go figure.

Tons more to say and show, but I'll do that tomorrow; I have a killer bio exam tomorrow about the plasma membrane and know nothing about it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

YanYan and Jamie Oliver

So yesterday I went to Greenwich Village with my darling friend Nicole, took the subway down to SoHo and went to my favorite Asian store in the world, Pearl River. Then later, we went to Union Square to see Jamie Oliver talk about his new cookbook that recently came out and my mom got hers signed.

The signs on the polls didn't say anything about prohibiting recording during the discussion, so I have some videos for you if you're interested (I was seated so they're not TOO terrible, but you may want to turn your volume up because his accent distorts the sound a little):

Oh, he's dreamy :]

The display in Union Square with Obama and McCain made us crack up because Obama's a sharper dresser than McCain even as a cardboard head!

A poor man on the side of the street... You know, I don't have a problem with people sitting on the street like that at all, as long as they're not being an asshole and like begging you for money by being rude. So last night Nicole and I were walking out of Ricky's and this guy starts like walking after us with a taco bell cup saying, "don't walk away pretty girls, I wouldn't do that to you!"

I understand that they need money, but really I just wanted him to leave me alone... I would've been more likely to give him money if he was just sort of sitting and not harassing me. Ugh. Men.

When we were walking back to our original destination, We passed Parsons, the school of design. I'm excited to say that this spring/summer, I'm planning to take a class there in fashion design because that's my latest big thing... It looks good for college resumes to take these sorts of summer intensive programs, and it's what I'd love to do. Nicole is planning to take an F.I.T. class in business and marketing over the summer for two hours a day as well, so she invited me to join her :] and I really might, if my mom allows it.

So we went to Barnes And Noble to see Jamie Oliver speak of course, and Nicole and I left when my mom wanted to go up and get a signature from him. So we tracked downstairs and I found this book, The One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia. It's got all the necessities from A-line dresses to the Zippered Hoodie, and is a great read. I'll make a stylish reading list soon, along with other things like that.

In B&N, we also grabbed MK&A's new book, Influence (To read a great review, click here). We both snatched one off the shelves and settled in a corner to flip through them and read some of the interviews with John Galliano, Christian Louboutin, etc. For a snatch at what's inside the book, check GlamChic for some basics, there aren't a lot availible... I'll to my best to upload some when I get my copy. We got yelled at for taking pictures, lol.

Also, I'm filling out the Proust Survey that's currently being filled out by every conciebable blogger I'm sure, so I'm joining the pack: scans up soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Greenpoint is the place to be.

I just want everyone reading this to know that one of my all-time favorite spots to purchase little doodads and original accessories is Fred Flare. They have so much stuff! Two weeks ago, I went to their door store and had a hella-great time in Greenpoint. I love Brooklyn!

That's me at Fred Flare. I bought This nerd necklace, and this CD set to learn Japanese. It's got three CDs and a booklet for reference... I've learned 15 words (see later)!

They also gave me a free homemade hot chocolate mix and a 25% off card :] It really made my day. Then Jen, the chicarita who works behind the desk, told me, my mom, boyfriend, and mom's friend to go across the street to see this place Eat Records. It's absolutely tiny and adorable, and the front room has like, 6 tables filled with chic people. Then there's the itty-bitty hallway of records of all different genres:

And I was looking through. They even had some 78's (the REALLY big records)!

But the guy who like ran the place ( didn't catch his name, sadly) brought us into the back of the brownstone, through the kitchen:

and outside, where there were two cafeteria-like tables stretched out. We sat at one and saw the chalked-out menu on the ledge propped by the door.

So my mom's friend and I got hot apple cider, my boyfriend Anthony (you'll hear a LOT about him) got some natural lemon soda, and my mom got water. To eat though, My boyfriend got bacon and toast, Mary got this goat-cheese and plum jam sandwich, I got scrambled eggs and veggies with toast, and my mom got this REALLY good rice salad with greens and chick peas. And I'm not one for that type of thing but it was so good! And we shared a potato frittata. Here's some pictures because the stuff was so good to look at:

Then we just explored the different neighborhoods, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Dumbo even. Went to Jacque Tores to get some chocolates, and then went to a pier and I saw these french watercolor painters and these asian brides getting their pictures taken. I have more pictures but I wouldn't want to totally bore you to tears, when I have so much other stuff to say.

Yesterday my mom came into my room and gave me a late Halloween present which I wasn't expecting at all containing the Halloween philosophy set with Black Licorice, Candy Apple and Pumpkin Pie flavors of body wash/shampoo. It smells so good I have to stop myself from eating it!

She also gave me a black loofah and some candy packages and string to make those friendship bracelets everyone used to make at camp... yeah, people like when I make them. Haha.

Anyway, Just wanted to brag :] And make note that, if you've heard about Mary-Kate and Ashley's new book, Influence, you'll know that inside it they filled out a very thoughtful, interesting survey. I'll post my own answers to that once I finish making it all pretty and well-thought out. Stay tuned :]

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anna Kadabra starts her journey.

I'm Anna and I added the Kadabra on myself. So cleverly.
And here I begin my blog.

I'm not new to the bloggosphere. I've had my fair share of Livejournals, I'm a frequent MySpacer and Facebooker, I even had a Xanga and Friendster phase... I've ran 21 websites that my capricious nature lost all interest in, made graphics that have never surfaced again after being created, and illegally downloaded many copies of Paint Shop Pro 7.

So Imagine my suprise when I see myself typing up my own little blog on Blogspot.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately which might explain my sudden yearning for my own place to post photos and life stories. Quite honestly, I've been looking for a reason to spend even more ridiculous amounts of time online, and this is a good one because it's sort of therapeautic in a weird way... In the sense, of course, that it helps cleanse the mind of miscellaneous stress that really can just be channeled into a diary-like form. But it's more public.

I'm excited to start here. But now for those who will actually read this... If you've stumbled onto my page, thanks for getting this far, I suppose. Now on to reach out to the rest of the world.