Sunday, April 25, 2010

I've Changed.

Nick Gentry via Tidbit Du Jour

Hey everyone. I haven't posted since November... wow. A lot has changed since then. I didn't realize how quickly 5 months goes by. But here I am, once again (I'm torn into pieces, can't deny it, can't pretend... oh come on, humor me!)

In realizing the length at which I have left this blog and anyone who reads it, hanging, I figured I owed everyone a sort of update as to the events which have transpired since my seemingly random disappearance.

  1. My boyfriend and I of almost 2 years broke up. It was a little messy.
  2. I have a new boyfriend. He's my ex's polar opposite in every respect.
  3. I have grown, physically. I'm taller, and thus, many of my dresses are too short now.
  4. I don't shop quite as much, because I don't have much money coming right now.
  5. I turn 16 tomorrow.
So, I see no better time to start a new blog with a new beginning than right now. As I turn 16. I want to post one time as a 15-year old girl and then see where me being 16 takes my life. There'll be more videos, photos, interesting quotes, ideas, inspirations, poems, thoughts. Tons of images, always- I love eye candy. But it'll be a slightly more intrapersonal blog than this one, where all I do is post what I wear. Let's try something new, shall we?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My life is a little messed up right now.
I'm gonna be right back with this blog.
But for now, it's on hold.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Pankakes and Saucy Dresses

Hey everyone! This sunday was a really nice, relaxing day for me. I started the day by trying a Pumpkin Pancake recipe from Free People's AWESOME bog! I made the batter from scratch, flipped, flopped, and burned several, but ended up with some yummy pancakes for my family!

my pumpkin pancakes! check the recipe out at Free People's blog!

Also on sunday, I realized that I am extremely low on party dresses, and this is the year in school when everyone is turning 16... So only naturally, SWEET SIXTEENS ARE IN BLOOM! And I had to get an outfit. My darling friend Daniella is having one, and I plan to wear this to hers:

Left to right: Both items together, Cheetah-print slinky tube dress from Forever 21, Gold and black mesh top from Free People.

I love the dress and top both, but I'm not sure if it's a little too short to wear. Also, the issue with wearing only a tube dress is that the stomach always sticks out, no matter how skinny you are, which draws me towards wearing the top over it, too. But I want to look SPICY! any comments about it?

Actually the most comfortable pair of heels i have ever put on.
Item: Black suede and patent heels by Steve Madden for Madden Girl.

Also, while out shopping, I got the StrapPerfect!

You basically just put the little device on your bra straps, and they hide the straps if you;re wearing a racerback top or something like that, and also add a full cup size. They're really neat!

What's up with you? Comment me!